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A Tale of Green Cities – The adventure continues…

A Tale of Green Cities

A Tale of Green Cities

I am very excited to report that the second book in the Tales of Terrezial series has gone live! A Tale of Green Cities is available in print version as of this posting! If you purchase the print copy, you can receive the Kindle version for free through Amazon’s book matching feature! The Kindle version will be out August 8th!

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A Tale of Two Brothers – Available now!

A Tale of Two Brothers

A Tale of Two Brothers

Oh lookie here! The Kindle version is up and ready! Print version is done as well but Amazon will take a couple of days to update. I will post instructions for those of you who already purchased the Kindle version to get the updated revision! And to those of you who already purchased the print version… message me. I have a special offer for you! (P.S. Don’t order the print version from Amazon unless you want the older version! Order from Createspace link below!) #TalesWillBeTold #Amazon #books #fantasy


Please stay tuned.

The 2nd edition of A Tale of Two Brothers will be out by the end of this week. Please wait until Amazon updates their page to purchase. Looking forward to sharing these tales with you all.

Tales Will Be Told.


An Invitation…

Recently I was challenged to participate in a blog adventure of sorts. It involved choosing one’s own adventure…

In the past I loved the books where I could participate, and influence the story. I felt a part of the action, and this made the story come alive. I remember actively marking all choices and fulfilling all story lines, and I refused to be finished till I had found every conclusion. I even discovered occasional orphaned pages where the publisher had accidentally not completed a story line…. It was great fun.

So, when our travel blog was invited to be a part of The Invitation, I chose quickly…

And today we are proud to present:

The Invitation

Choose wisely.


Writing Again…

Hello all,

I have been absent for far too long. Tomorrow I will share a fun writing piece I did with some fellow authors. I hope you enjoy.



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Tales are being told, editors are working hard,  and artists are building the vision.

Be sure to pick up a copy of A Tale of Two Brothers in preparation for the release of book two: A Tale of Green Cities.

Thank you for visiting.

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Tales Will Be Told…