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Month: October 2014

An Invitation…

Recently I was challenged to participate in a blog adventure of sorts. It involved choosing one’s own adventure…

In the past I loved the books where I could participate, and influence the story. I felt a part of the action, and this made the story come alive. I remember actively marking all choices and fulfilling all story lines, and I refused to be finished till I had found every conclusion. I even discovered occasional orphaned pages where the publisher had accidentally not completed a story line…. It was great fun.

So, when our travel blog was invited to be a part of The Invitation, I chose quickly…

And today we are proud to present:

The Invitation

Choose wisely.


Writing Again…

Hello all,

I have been absent for far too long. Tomorrow I will share a fun writing piece I did with some fellow authors. I hope you enjoy.



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Tales are being told, editors are working hard,  and artists are building the vision.

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Tales Will Be Told…